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The challenges in documenting sexual violence against children in armed conflict: Colombia

Join us for a panel discussion on 'The challenges in documenting sexual violence against children in armed conflict'

Start: 11 June 2014 15:00
End: 11 June 2014 16:00
Location: Discussion Room 6, London ExCel Centre
Organisation:  COALICO, Colombia


1. Silvia Carolina Parra, Coalition against the involvement of children and young people in the Colombian armed conflict (COALICO): “Stop hunting children!: Report on sexual violence committed against children and adolescents in the armed conflict in Colombia”

2. Ana María Sánchez, Taller de Vida, Colombia: Psychosocial effects of sexual violence in the armed conflict at the personal, family and community levels.

3. Jineth Bedoya Lima, sub editor of El Tiempo, Colombia: Sexual exploitation of children in Colombian mining areas.

4. Jomary Ortegón, lawyer for the Law firm of José Alvear Restrepo (CCAJAR), Colombia: Access to justice for women in cases related to sexual violence in the armed conflict.


Since 2009, a group of ten Colombian women’s rights organizations have been working to reduce the impunity associated with sexual violence related to the armed conflict in Colombia through a campaign called ‘Rape and other Violence: Leave my Body Out of the War’ supported by Intermon Oxfam. As part of this campaign, the Coalition against the involvement of boys, girls and youth in the armed conflict in Colombia (COALICO) has conducted a field research ‘STOP HUNTING CHILDREN!: Report on sexual violence committed against children and adolescents in the armed conflict in Colombia’.

COALICO’s would contribute to the objectives of the Summit through a presentation on the results of this investigation and the original methodology adopted to protect the best interest of children. The presentation will contribute to the discussion on the methodological challenges faced in documenting sexual violence against children in armed conflict. It will improve the documentation of sexual violence in conflict and it will contribute to the design and implementation of integrated care policies and reparation for the victims of these crimes.

COALICO’s objective in sharing this information is to improve coordination between organizations documenting sexual violence against children in armed conflicts by sharing learnings on the methodological aspects that can be considered when researching and documenting sexual violence in complex contexts such as Colombian armed conflict situation.

Photographic exhibit and Handcrafts

Our Photographic exhibit: Take out my body off war! is going to be in United Kingdom's Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict it will be free and open to the public from June 10-12 at the ExCel Centre in London.

Take out my body off war! is an photographs exhibition about sexual violence against girls in conflict army in Colombia. The girls express their selves with the pictures which are the result of collective creation. The photographs integrates the visual art as a way of expression with regard to their bodies – what it mean and still means to they to be used, manipulated and exposed to abuse. This expression of visual art allows them advance in the creation of situations from the expressive arts to enforce their right to truth, justice and reparation.
Also, we are going to sell handcrafts made by women who have been affected by the armed conflict in Colombia. As well, we will sell products who are doing by recycled materials and in a resilience process.     

The way in which they make these handcrafts finds meaning and inspiration in the childhood and the life lesson of woman who have felt in their bodies the violence. It has been used as a therapeutic practice when working with these handcrafts and arts methodology.



This event is free to attend. Full Summit programme available online: www.esvcsummit.com/publicprogramme

Facebook: facebook.com/endsexualviolenceinconflict

Twitter: @end_svc


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Información de Contacto

  • La sede de la Coalición COALICO está ubicada en Bogotá - Colombia
  • E-mail: info@coalico.org
  • Teléfono: (57)310 200 1719
  • http://www.coalico.org

Información General

La Coalición contra la vinculación de niños, niñas y jóvenes al conflicto armado en Colombia fue creada en octubre de 1999. Es un espacio de confluencia y articulación de organizaciones de la sociedad civil, que a través de monitoreo, incidencia política, defensa y promoción de los derechos de los niños, niñas y jóvenes, busca transformar positivamente las situaciones generadas por el conflicto armado colombiano, particularmente aquellas relacionadas con el uso, reclutamiento y vinculación de la niñez a los grupos armados.

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